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School Work 11/23/20

Welcome to our first day of remote learning! Even though most of us would rather be together face-to-face, God will bless our learning on these remote learning days. The blessings of technology will allow us to still effectively learn and communicate with one another over the internet. God’s blessings on your first day of learning from home! I’ll see you at the morning live Zoom class and hopefully at our fun lunch Zoom, too!

Zoom Class – 9:00 A.M.

Zoom Lunch – Noon


6th Grade

Assignment: Click on the link below to complete the following worksheet on a sheet of your owned lined paper (or print it out and write directly on it):

7th Grade

Assignment: Click on the link below to open the test. Show all your work and answers on a lined sheet of paper or print off the test and write directly on it.

8th Grade

Assignment: Click on the link below to find the assignment. Do your work and show your answers on a separate sheet of lined paper.

Social Studies (Carefully follow the 3 steps below!)

Step 1 – Join our classroom on the website EdPuzzle to watch a video and answer questions about the video. Click on this link to join our class and sign up for a new account:

Step 2 – Click on the button that says “Don’t Have an Account? Sign Up” in the top right hand corner. Sign up for an account. If your Google account is blocked, try signing up with Edpuzzle instead and make your own username and password. Let me know if you have any trouble with getting an account made.

Step 3 – There should be an assignment video assigned for you to complete that you will see right after you first log on. Click on the assigned video and answer the questions that will pop up as it plays.


Today we will be starting a new writing project. We will be working towards writing a book report on a favorite book you have read in the past. Watch the video below to be introduced to this project. Then, fill out the online planning guide to plan what book you will be writing about.

Assignment: After watching the video, fill out the planning guide below:


Watch today’s video to review chapter 6 and read chapter 7 together with Mr. Monday. Remember to record the vocabulary words in your vocab notes of your binder.

Assignment: Read chapter 8 and fill out the questions at the following link:

Christ Light

Watch today’s lesson video from Mr. Monday and then fill out some questions about the story in the form below the video.

Assignment: Answer the questions about what you saw in the video at the link below: