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School Work – January 6

It’s Wednesday already!! Hopefully this will be one of our last distance learning days for awhile. Keep up the great grit and hard work everyone. I am very proud of all of you for continuing to keep yourselves motivated and getting your work faithfully accomplished even when you are stuck at home away from school. Keep it up out of love and thanks to Jesus!

Morning Zoom – 9:00 A.M.

Zoom Lunch – Noon


If you have not yet scored a 100% this week, take a practice test on Set 14 on our new spelling site: 

Vocabulary A-Z


6th Grade

Assignment: P. 489 #1-13, 19-25, 27-32, 35-39

7th Grade

Assignment: Click on the worksheet below to complete it:

8th Grade

Assignment: P. 267 #1-6, 8-13

Social Studies

Complete today’s EdPuzzle assignment:

EdPuzzle Video


Today you will be starting to write the first 2 paragraphs of your “Typical Day in Your Life” essay. Make sure to watch the short video to get some extra instructions and tips about what you will be writing.


Watch today’s class video to discuss the previous chapter and Vocab words and then to read P. 35-46 with us:

Assignment: Read P. 46-58 and answer the following questions:

Afternoon Devotion

Watch today’s devotion video and then answer some questions about what you saw:

Devotion Questions:


Brad Gurgel is the principal and 6-8th grade teacher at Saint Peter Lutheran School in St. Peter, MN.